Advanced Particles Control Series|AI-730

Technical Parameters





20 kg

Performance Parameters

Overall purification efficiency

99.95% (for particles≥ 0.3μm)
Industry tested: Common bacterial inactivation rate 99.9%

CADR (particle)

680 m³/h

CCM (particle)


Noise (6-level fan speed)

25, 31, 37, 43, 48, 68 db


First layer (initial)

F9 initial filter v2
Filter level: F9 
Filter surface area: 5m² 
Total thickness: 120mm 
Recommended service life: 12 months

Intermediate / upper layer (efficient)

HEPA efficient antiviral filter
Particle filter level: H13
Germ & virus inactivation rate: 99.9%
Total thickness: 340mm
Recommended service life: 48 months

* Filter life expectancy is based on the Airproce laboratory testing, under the environment of 10 operation hours per day & level-3 fan speed. The actual filter life depends on user environment, actual operating fan speed and operation time. Thus, the recommended service life is for reference only.