Free breath, free space

Continual cleanse the environment



PM2.5 purification efficiency






Wind volume​

Clean air with constant oxygen level

AirTurbo Supercharge purification technology

Supercharge purification technology creates a positive pressure indoor environment. Clean air is at your hand as long as air is in circulation
Brings in new air, purifies air source at 5 times the efficiency of regular purifier, and solves the problem of excessive indoor CO2

CO2 density with FreshAir

AirTurbo can effectively removes indoor CO2

AirTurbo Supercharge purification technology

Smart air purification solution


Overall purification rate​​

We aim to design a product with a 99.9% purification rate for every
breath you take despite its age.

Guaranteed AirTurbo Supercharge Purification Technology

HEPA Stack filter Structure

We designed different filters to purify different pollutants.
The special HEPA Stack filter structure has five properly combined filter layers to purify respective pollutants.

AirTurbo Supercharge purification technology

Innovative technology protects your health

Unique single folding process & filter with a surface area of 5 m², greatly improves dust capacity and service life


Surface Area

H13/14 HEPA Cartridge Filter

Innovative U-shape-designed efficient filter and smooth air duct increase wind area and decrease energy depletion. The brand-new double high overlay folding increases its surface area to 5 m2, and greatly improves dust capacity and service life.



Tiny pollen particles

Germ Virus

H13/14 HEPA Set Filter

Innovative V-shape-designed efficient filter and smooth air duct overcome the common problem of
low dust capacity of traditional / \-shape structure, and also guarantee wind area,
decrease energy depletion and noise (the increase of filtering area decreases air friction).


Low power consumption

Smooth & mute startup, wide & extreme frequency range, low power consumption

AirTurbo Supercharge Purification Technology

EC air blower, quiet & dustless

Long service life

The dustless low air inlet structure of air blower keeps large particles like thick dust, hair and pollen outside, making itself and the filter more endurable.

High energy efficiency

Centrifugal fan with high EER and reliable performance provide high wind velocity and low energy consumption with adjustable wind levels. Adjustable air volume can match the environment and meet respective needs with variable speed for lower energy consumption and higher efficiency.

AirTurbo Supercharge Purification Technology

Supercharge air tunnel design

Our specially-designed air tunnel increases air volume, works perfectly with EC air blower and provides high purification efficiency.

AirTurbo Technology-powered intelligence

Automatic Adjustment of internal and external circulation ratio

We believe intelligence is more about trusteeship than showoff. Intelligence is about balancing effect, energy consumption and service life of filter; based on big data technology and sensor of it, our machine can analyze internal and external air conditions, thereby adjusting internal and external circulation ration as well as the rotate speed of wind blower.

AirTurbo Technology-powered intelligence

Low noise & heat preservation

AirTurbo Technology-powered convenience

Multiple installation choices

Tube fitting installation

Invisible tube installation can continuously pump in clean air from outside Extrudes stale air and dissipates fresh air in home

Vertical mounting​
Wall mounting (side outlet hole)
Wall mounting (back outlet hole)
Wall mounting (bottom outlet hole)
Concealed mounting

AirTurbo Technology-powered convenience

Easy maintenance

Separate control for each room, flexible & energy-saving
Easy maintenance