Wi-Fi Connection

1. How to set up Wi-Fi?

Turn on the machine, click the first button (settings button), move the cursor left to the Wi-Fi setting page. First, refresh network list, you can see the names of nearby Wi-Fi detected, then move the cursor and select the right Wi-Fi network. Go to the second page if it does not appear on the first page. If it is not in the list, you can manually add the network. After connecting to desired network, you will enter the Wi-Fi password input interface, select the letters, numbers or characters from the left to enter the network password. Then select the “connection” on the left. After successful connection, a QR code will automatically show up. You can use WeChat or mobile phone app to scan the QR code and bind the phone to the machine to remote control devices from WeChat or phone app.

2. I cannot connect to Wi-Fi.

First, please check if your wireless router is working properly. If so, try turning the network switch off (from the Wi-Fi connection page), then enable and refresh the network again for reconnection. Also, we do not recommend using new types of smart routers.

3. Can I turn off Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi network can be turned off. However, your phone APP and WeChat will be unable to obtain outdoor PM2.5, AQI temperature and humidity, and the purifier will not be remote-controllable. To turn off the Wi-Fi network, you can go to the Wi-Fi setting interface, and select the ‘turnoff network’ on the lower left to complete the operation.

Indoor data display

1. Why the displayed indoor PM2.5 index is sometimes higher than that of outdoors?

Main reasons that caused higher indoor PM2.5 data that outdoors:
Reason One: outdoor data is the average data of the monitoring points across the city, and has limited accuracy, so outdoor data can only be regarded as a general reference.
Reason Two: the outdoor environment is stable, and there are unstable PM2.5 sources of pollution release (e.g. smoking, cooking, humidifier, etc.). These factors can make PM2.5 in a small space quickly exceed the outdoor data.
Reason Three: If the doors and windows are not tightly sealed and outdoor pollution is serious, when the purifier is running on a lower level, the purification efficiency might become lower than the intrusion efficiency.
Reason Four: when the machine is placed near walls or other obstacles, the laser sensor could experience detection error due to its principle of light scattering to detect air particles. We recommend placing our product away from obstacles

2. Why the PM2.5 detected by indoor machine is high and not going down?

First, make sure the doors and windows are closed, and the interior is a relatively closed environment. Next, turn off pollution sources that could cause secondary indoor pollution (e.g. turning off humidifier and isolating kitchen fumes). When the indoor and outdoor pollution are relatively isolated, if the displayed data is still high, we recommend cleaning the sensor according to instructions.

3. How to calibrate indoor TVOC sensor data?

Occurrence of error is possible after long-term use of TVOC sensors. There are two ways to calibrate TVOC sensor displays:
Method One: place the machine in a relatively small and sealed space, switch to level-6 purification for about 30 minutes, then switch to level-1 and select “sensor calibration”
Method two: place the machine outdoors or in a balcony of slow wind for calibration. (There is almost no formaldehyde, benzene and other volatile organic gases that often appear in a newly renovated room)

Purifier control

1. How to turn off the screen?

The purifier will operate at low speed and turn off screen under sleep mode. There are two ways to enter sleep mode:
Method one: Long press the machine power on / off button to enter sleep mode with low speed operation
Method two: select “sleep” through the mobile app control interface to enter sleep mode low speed operation.

2. How to switch the child lock function?

Long press the central smart button to lock machine;
Long press the central smart button again to unlock machine.

3. Why the purifier does not automatically adjust its air speed according to the quality of the room air quality?

In smart mode, if the user has manually set other purification levels, the purifier will run on this level for 30 minutes and then re-enter the smart mode to adjust the wind speed. In addition, when the machine detects a sharp data rise, it will enter fast purification mode.

4. Why the machine is not powered after plugging in, and pressing screen buttons gives no reaction?

First, please check whether the clamping arms on both sides are tight locked (you will hear two clatters) and a piece of music appears, the screen will then light up if plugged in. If it is still not powered after clamping, the direction of the fan layer might be wrong when dissembling and reassembling the machine. Violent machine installation may loosen the fan power port, please check whether the fan layer is correctly installed.


1. How long can filters normally service?

Under normal pollution level, ordinary wind speed (level-3 wind speed), and 10 hours of filter element usage per day, the service lives of filter elements are (in months):
Major products:
AI-300: Airpro MIX Initial Filter: 12 months, Airpro HEPA Efficient Filter: 36 months.
AI-600: Airpro initial filter: 12 months, Airpro TVOC efficient filter: 12 months, Airpro HEPA efficient filter: 36 months.
AI-700: Airpro initial filter: 12 months, MGC efficient filter cartridge: 18 months.
Note: The filter life can be extended under less pollution, intermittent operation and low wind speed. Conversely, serious contamination and frequent use will reduce the life of the cartridge. Therefore, it is recommended to replace filter elements according to the remaining life of the filter displayed by the machine.

2. How to check the filter service life?

There are two ways to view the service life of a filter:
Method one: Check through the interface of purifiers: Click the settings button from home page, enter settings, select first option from left for information, you will be able to check the model and service life of installed filters.
Method two: View via phone APP: Check the service life of filters from the settings page.

3. Why the screen displays "filter malfunction"?

In addition to displaying and notifying the service life of filters, when the filter is inappropriately installed, the purifier will also display “filter malfunction”, there are mainly two reasons for this:
Reason one: the installation direction of the filter is inappropriate, please confirm if the logo of the filter is facing the logo of the clamp.
Reason two: Disassembling without unplugging might result in screen display of “filter malfunction”, please unplug and restart the purifier.