After-sales service terms

A. Applicable Products

These after-sales service terms apply to AirProce® AI Series products and their related factory-installed components.

B. Warranty Services

1. Free one-year warranty service
Within one year from the date of purchase (based on the invoice or receipt date issued by the seller), if there is any quality problem of the product itself, users shall be provided with free maintenance service (three-year warranty for wind blower, and one-year warranty for electric components). Filters are consumables, and are thus not within the scope of maintenance services.
2. Free software update service
The software of air purifier needs to be updated timely to maintain optimal performance. Most machine faults can be repaired after updating, and we provide free software update service for our users.

C. Warranty

1. If there are quality problems of the product under normal use conditions during warranty period, AirProce will provide free maintenance services.
2. The following circumstances are not within the scope of free warranty, and AirProce can provide paid maintenance services:
     ① All damage caused by human factors, including usage under non-normal working environment, damage caused by not following instructions, etc.;
     ② Unauthorized disassembling, repair, or modification by user, and maintenance by unauthorized units;
     ③ Damage caused by inappropriate transport after purchase;
     ④ Other damage caused by irresistible forces (e.g. fire, lightning, floods, earthquakes, etc.);
     ⑤ User cannot provide a valid invoice and warranty certificate;
     ⑥ Out of free warranty;

D. Service support

If you encounter any problems with our products, you can reach us by the customer service hotline or e-mail.
Customer Service Hotline: 27558899(9: 00-18: 00, Monday to Friday)