Advanced Gaseous Control Series|AI-700

Design for indoor gas and odor control

Efficient Formaldehyde Removal

Double-drum structure


Cartridge Filter

Innovative double-drum structure can largely increase the contact area with the air the filter material, to make full use of the filter material, further enhance the air volume, and lower the noise. Glue-free cartridge filter production process guarantees no additional air pollution to the air caused by AirProce filters.

Glue-free mechanical assembly avoids filter material attrition and secondary pollution in consequent usage; contains mixed gas phase purification medium (9.4 kg) Activated Carbon.

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon MULTI-MIX® media is a pelletized activated carbon for removing a variety of odor-causing organic compounds and volatile organic compounds (VOC's) through physical adsorption. Activated Carbon MULTI-MIX® media is manufactured and activated from a unique bituminous coal substrate, with a low-pressure drop and a high adsorptive removal capacity.

Vacuum, dust-free operation

Imported German blower with secondary pollution prevention

Air blower is placed between filter layers and isolated from outside air, avoiding air recirculation and secondary pollution.

German backward wind blower is outstanding amongst its competitors, acting like a strong pumping heart of AirProce products, providing 1200m³/h of wind blowing and up to 700Pa of wind pressure.

We analyzed more than a thousand kinds of indoor environment. The issue of effectively eliminating air pollution in decoration and heavily polluted environments becomes our task. Thanks to the effort of our research engineer, we designed a special air purifier for indoor decoration. With an AC cartridge filter of 9.4kg, along with German air blower providing 1200m³/h windage, it will quickly eliminate various kinds of gas



Formaldehyde CCM

500-680 m³/h

Formaldehyde CADR

48-82 ㎡

Coverage area



Particle CADR



H13 HEPA Filter




All your needs satisfied, with only one air purifier

Only need to change filter & element for different functions

Like people wear different clothes across seasons, air environment is never static: 

the freshly furnished home needs a purifier that eliminates pollutants like formaldehyde, 

whereas families expecting a new baby needs the protection of a medical-level purifier.

H13 HEPA Filter

A regular home needs a purifier that deals with various pollutants, when our H13 HEPA screen comes in handy.

H13 HEPA Anti-Virus Cartridge Filter

Have a new baby in your home? To protect her/his health, you will need an internal air environment that is almost medical-level clean. With H13 HEPA efficient antiviral filter cartridge of AirProce, all your needs are easily satisfied, without costly repurchase.

TVOC Cartridge Filter

Just refurnished your 10-year-old home which is now filled with persisting harmful air? You just need a AirProce purifier with TVOC filter cartridge to solve the issue of excessive harmful air.