Advanced Particles Control Series|AI-730

Professional particle purifier series

Double cartridge design + H13 HEPA filter, double improvement from filter material to filter structure

F9 Initial filter

Base filter equipped with ProSeal® Technology

Benefited from the improved structure, the thickness of initial filter has been vastly improved by 50%, enlarging its dust holding capacity and is thus more enduring than its like products.

The base filter will effectively eliminate large particle pollutants like dust, hair and pollen.

Large pollen particle

H13 HEPA Efficient filter

Empowered by ProSeal Technology and layers of filter and carefully chosen antiviral H13 HEPA material, this filter can effectively capture allergen, germ, and virus,

meeting the strict demands of special environments like medical constitutions.

PM 0.003
PM 2.5
Tiny pollen particles
Germ, Virus

F9 Initial filter

Install location: base | Layer: 1

Optimized structure, 50% thicker

Uses F9 filter material, effectively eliminates large particle pollutants like dust, hair, pollen

H13 HEPA efficient filter v2

Install location: middle / upper | layer: 2

Strictly chosen H13 HEPA filter material

Effectively captures ultrafine particles, e.g. germ, virus, tiny particles, with a purification efficiency of PM0.3 as high as 99.95%.